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Typically, I'd lump Realtors in with the Consultants page but I can't do that without making some passing observations:

Of all the professionals I've done work for, Realtors are the most difficult to pin down in terms of services. There's nothing predictable about what they might need, or how quickly they'll need it. Retroactive permits, scenic concerns, structural observations, photo documentation (who wants to crawl under the house?), etc. Oh, and can I get that today?

If you're a Realtor I'm sure you know just how much of your job is educating your clientele on the ins and outs of real property ownership (this statement is obviously made for their benefit rather than yours). I'm also fairly certain that you're quite accomplished at doing the Who-Knew-Fire-Dance and scrambling to make things viable in the face of good intensions wrapped in misinformation. Now, see the consultants page and please call if there's anything I can do to assist.

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