Welcome to LTVista !

Several people have asked where that name originated. It was the byproduct of an extensive search for a domain name that was simple, and somehow tied to the Tahoe area where things began for us. If you think that's easy, go to any whois engine and try it for yourself. Trust me, all of the good ones are taken.

I could have just used my own name. But with a name like Ken Anderson, which is pretty much vanilla with more vanilla on top, I figured it may be best to come up with something a bit more distinctive.

Another question I get a lot is why the Technical Services suffix. While I pride myself on having creativity and a sense of style, the honest answer is that the majority of what I do is technical in nature. Typically, I'm navigating a series of constraints to find a solution to a problem as directed by the client. I've always had a greater affinity for craft than art (one being prerequisite to the other), and craftsmanship is essentially technical in nature.

At left is an array of service icons, each of which link to a different aspect of who we are, and what we do. I'll now stop referring to myself in the plural - a vain attempt to make us sound like a big firm. We'r e not - in fact, we are me. This is what I do, in part or in whole.

Residential Planning
Residential Design
Computer Aided Drafting
Project guidance and subcontractor liason
Advanced imaging, rendering, and virtual reality.
California Title 24 Part 6 Energy Compliance Analysis & Reports
Agency Processing.

In short, I'm typically the first in-last out for a residential addition or remodel. I guide my clients into the process, and watch over them each step of the way until they get their final approval. For services essential to the project that are not performed by myself, I have an extensive list of suppliers and associates, all of whom I consider to be among the best in their field.

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