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It's not uncommon for Planning and/or Design consultants to have an array of skills and services, and it's not uncommon for there to be gaps in those services. Even the big design houses that tout one-stop-shopping sometimes need to augment their staff's skill set. Pretty much any service I can provide within the scope of a design project, I can provide as a stand-alone service. As an example, I do a ton of Title 24 analysis for other designers, simply because I invested in the software and knowledge to do that. Most designers prefer to shop that task out rather than investing in such a specific set of tools.

I offer complete confidentiality and non disclosure - your presentation to your clients is your business. I can help provide bits and pieces of that as needed.

My shop features the tools to provide:

1) Accurate As-built measurements & site inspections
     2) Photographic documentation
     3) AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture documents to 2010 file format
     4) Viz 2008 documents and renderings
     5) Energy Pro 5 CA Title 24 Part 6 Analysis and Reports
     6) Full TRPA Scenic Site Assessment and Scenic Impact Reports and simulations
     7) Full bleed 11x17 3600 dpi color printing and 24x36 300 dpi color plotting

I currently have two primary workstations and a small render farm with 16 cores available. There are also two vintage Macintoshes, both running OS9, which I refuse to part with (running StudioVision Pro, and Digidesign Pro Tools).

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