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If you're a homeowner in Tahoe, there's a pretty good chance this is your second home. There's also a pretty good chance that your one of a surprising number of owners who've actively participated in building or remodeling a home at least once in their lives.

Add to this the tendency for most of us to be a bit possessive and protective of our homes, and you have a recipe for a Design Consultant who won't intrude any further into the process than asked to. If you want to be the lead designer, but don't want to invest several thousand dollars in the hardware and software to generate the plans, I'd be only too happy to assist. Call it drafting, design consulting, kibitzing, or anything else you wish.

I will chime in when I see something that could be a problem and I'll keep you advised about building and planning codes, but I'll gladly let you design your house. I'll prepare some really pretty drawings for you, set up the structural plans for the Engineering firm, put together a finished set of plans for you to submit to the building department, carry your plans and applications in - or step out of the process above at any point you'd like.

If you have need of a little more input, I can generate design options to suite your goals sufficient to get a dialog going. Even those clients who come to me stating they have no ideas or background in building design pretty quickly get the hang of things as we move into their project. Being able to examine, visualize, and manipulate the elements in the virtual world of the computer is, and always will be vastly more cost effective than doing it in the real world. Not to mention, most contractors will be very happy to have a clear objective rather than a moving target to aim at.

For a lot of owners, the biggest problem is not knowing exactly what they do (or don't) need to get to their project under way. I can help, and can generally outline the process (which is somewhat unique to each jurisdiction) via phone or email. While I do consider myself a consultant and I do in some capacities charge money for information, I do not make money from redistributing public information. Quite honestly, you can get the same procedural information by simply walking into your building or planning department and asking the same questions. They work for you, and will gladly tell you what you need to accomplish your stated goals. What they won't do is generate the required documentation for you.

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