This is the real reason for this website. I like dogs. Dogs like me. Dogs and I get along great, and there's nobody I'd rather hang with than my dog, your dog, any dog (well, almost any dog). Here are some dogs doing what they do - dogging. Being dog, dogger, dogaroo, doggie, bud, mutt, furball, fuzzbutt. . . .

I'm going to convert to Buddhism just so I can come back as a Tahoe dog.
[I need more dogs. . .more dog pictures. . .send me your dog pictures if you live in Tahoe!]

Taylor 1999-2011 (My best friend)

Abbey's portrait

Echo (we miss this guy)

Taylor (such a poseur)

Abbey (air kiss)

Dogs love snow (and trucks, dogs love trucks)

Taylor (still a poseur)

Digging for. . .nothing?

Taylor (not so proud now)

Let's all dig a hole. . .

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